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 Barrel Fire Press: Honoring the tradition of American literature.

Our Story

Barrel Fire Press was founded in Maine in 2013

Real characters, real worlds.


Barrel Fire Press is at the forefront of the new paradigm in publishing.  With the advent of Print-On-Demand as a viable manufacturing tool, publishing companies can once again facilitate emerging writers’ entries into the marketplace, while nurturing their long-term development.  This was once the precise mission of traditional publishers, but is no longer an option for the ‘instant results,’ bottom-line firms that dominate the industry.  Novels and short story collections worthy of publication and notice are being overlooked by the “Big Six” of the book world. By allowing writers to reach an audience and yet to continue to grow as artists, both writers and readers will benefit.


Barrel Fire Press will publish emerging and established authors writing relatable fiction.  Our goal is to publish worthy literature that does not contain vampires with self-image issues, feature characters with the sexual proclivities of fisher cats on meth, or chronicle distraught members of the cultural elite whose descent into serial killing is triggered by their children being denied admission to the kindergarten that will fast track them to the Ivy League.  We will honor the tradition that made American literature great.

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